La Paz Ranch, Malibu CA

The La Paz Ranch Project is one of the largest and most ambitious commercial projects to be proposed and approved in the City of Malibu. In a jurisdiction with one of the most restrictive Floor Area Ratio (FAR) allowances, and in a community with numerous vocal and active environmental and conservation groups, this project’s approval can be attributed to years of careful analysis, strategic design and specific project proposals, and successful representation by Schmitz & Associates to secure the requisite development permits from the City of Malibu, Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB), and the California Coastal Commission.

In fact, despite the RWQCB’s push for a moratorium on civic center area projects due to private onsite wastewater treatment concerns, Schmitz & Associates spearheaded a proposal for a state of the art no-net discharge system which garnered the requisite approvals from all applicable discretionary agencies. This project involved a Development Agreement with the City of Malibu to secure an FAR of 0.20 (above the standard 0.15). Located in the heart of the City’s civic center, La Paz will provide 112,058 square feet of commercial, retail and office space.