Fire Rebuild

A Brief Message from Don Schmitz:

All fire victims; I have been spending the last few days corresponding with you individually, and taking your calls, and will of course continue to do so. That being said, I am posting this as a general notice to our community, and would ask you to pass it on to others who lost their home or had their property damaged by this fire and who aren’t already connected to me on FB. Our land use planning firm is going to do everything possible to assist our friends and neighbors through this cataclysm. We will sit down with you and go over your property issues, and map out what your rights are to obtain exemptions from planning permits for a “disaster replacement”. We will tell you what pitfalls you need to avoid, and give you contact information for the qualified professionals you will need to generate plans and reports, and the contact information for the right people in the government agencies.

When you call my office (818) 338-3636 which is located at 28118 Agoura Road ste 103, please tell my staff that you are a fire victim, and give them the address of your property so that we know the jurisdiction (e.g. City of Malibu, County of Los Angeles, County of Ventura) and the specifics for your property. They will set up an appointment for your gratis consultation with me or one of our managers, and you will be provided with the aerials and resource delineations for your property, and the aforementioned contact information. This one is on me folks, I want to do what I can to help my friends and neighbors.


The City of Malibu has published information for fire victims who are ready to initiate the rebuild process.  We are here to lend a hand: