City of Newport Beach: Marina Park and Sunset Ridge Park – December Project Update

On behalf of David Webb, Director of Public Works-

Good Afternoon Mayor, Councilmembers and other Interested Parties,

Here we are at the beginning of December with the Boat Parade, Christmas and the New Year just about here.  Time is sure flying by with a lot getting done as can be seen in this update of the City’s two major park projects currently underway.  As we get ready to close out this year, I am happy to report good progress has been made on both the Marina Park and Sunset Ridge Park construction projects.  Additionally, Sunset Ridge Park has now reached the point of substantial completion almost two months ahead of schedule and the Grand Opening Celebration is scheduled for this coming Saturday, December 6th at 11:30AM at the new park on the corner of West Coast Highway and Superior Avenue.

Marina Park
With the new Marina basin now complete, all efforts have turned to completing the underground utility work, frontage improvements and constructing the various buildings that will be in the park.  Below you can see the new Sailing Center and Community Center taking shape with the foundations complete and the block & steel building structure at about 90% complete.  One can now start to see the iconic tower element rising out of the building.



In addition to the building construction, our contractor KPRS has completed the new sidewalk and frontage improvements along Balboa Boulevard, 18th Street and West Bay Avenue.  The new 16” water main crossing the property is complete and some site improvements and parking lot curbs are now in place as seen in the pictures.   The foundation and underground work for the new 19th Street Restroom facility is also complete as can be seen in the picture below.  The Marina Park project is currently tracking ahead of schedule to reach the planned completion date of Spring 2016, and is tracking slightly under the overall projected budget.  A copy of the summary Master Marina Park Budget and actual/projected cost is available by clicking here.



Sunset Ridge Park
As we approach the finish line on the park’s construction, we can see in the pictures below the biggest change of late is the sod for the new fields is now in place.  The new restroom structure, playground, baseball diamond, park walkways, hardscape, irrigation systems and planting were all completed as of the Thanksgiving Holiday.  As mentioned earlier, the Grand Opening Celebration will take place this coming Saturday, December 6th at 11:30AM in the new park.  Afterwards the park will be open to the public, but no sport events or games will be allowed on the fields until Spring to allow the sod grass to root and become established.  Please plan to attend the Grand Opening or visit this new active park in the coming months to see and enjoy the great views and open space.





As it stands today, the Sunset Ridge Park Project will be opening two months ahead of the original construction schedule and slightly under the overall established project budget.

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David Webb
Director of Public Works